EcoFest Salone Full Performance 2019

Nat Pablo
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What happened in Sierra Leone these two days deserves a critical mention in Africa’s entertainment industry. This is simply massive and defies all plausible entertainment narrative!

Two major shows, back to back, at the same venue? Yet, with massive crowd turn out!


A statement was truly made to any entertainment conscious business mind and to Sierra Leone artists that, the country has the willing crowd and the market is huge and virgin. What is needed is the right strategy and the structure to make this entertainment industry blossom beyond the shores of this country!


Abu Bakarr Turay Ceo Kabaka, we respect your doggedness and your business tenacity. Many people would have chickened out but you saw what you saw and trudged on! Special appreciation goes to Cribs International, we don’t know who is behind this team but they truly delivered! Handling the stage setup for two events back to back, its no child’s play!

Sierra Leone fans, we don’t know how you guys do it, but you guys just sure know how to turn up! Damn, that crowd was dizzying!

ECOFEST 2019, the lions sure roared. There are definitely rooms for improvement, we will share that privately with the organisers! For now, let’s bask in the euphoria of this great success!

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