Mus-B Profile

Mus-B Profile
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Real Name: Musa Jalloh
Stage Name: Mus B
Nationality: Sierra Leone
Genres: Afrobeat, Pop, R&B
Record Label: Kabi Borbor

Musa Jalloh, who is popularly known as Mus B (Kabi Borbor) is a Sierra Leonean singer born on the 5th of August and also the CEO of Kabi BorBor Music.

He Attained his primary education at the Cole Farm Education Centre, Secondary education at St. Edwards Secondary School and later went to study I.T at COBIT, formerly known as Silicon Pro.

Mus B has been creating music since he was a child

In mid 2016 he was signed to AFTERGLOW EMPIRE for one year contract. Later he decided to open his own labe that is kabi borbor musicl.

He was the first Sierra Leone artist to do ‘THIS IS SIERRA LEONE’ cover of ‘THIS IS AMERICA’ by Childish Gambino.

He released his first single ‘Biyo Na Map’ ft Med Carter in early 2017. He also released another two hit singles ‘JEJE’ ft JOOEL and “FORM PA ME” in which he gained so much recognition in the music industry.

Social Networks
Facebook: @Mus-B
Instagram: @still_da_kabi_borbor
YouTube : Official Mus-B

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