EcoFest Salone Full Performance 2019

Nat Pablo

What happened in Sierra Leone these two days deserves a critical mention in Africa’s entertainment industry. This is simply massive and defies all plausible entertainment narrative! Two major shows, back to back, at the same venue? Yet, with massive crowd turn out! A statement was truly made to any entertainment […]

2 + 1_How U Tan So Ba ( Way Back Salone Jam )

Nat Pablo

‘Sierra Leone Music’ used to be a lot more enjoyable, danceable, and generally acceptable by its people, when we stretched our minds way back from the Year 2003 to the Year 2009, with outstanding songs from some of the finest “Old School” talented musician coming on top with top notch […]

Lebanese face-off at civil war flashpoint as tensions rise

Nat Pablo

Third night of clashes between party supporters and protesters threatens largely peaceful Lebanon rallies. Beirut, Lebanon – Clashes broke out in towns and cities across Lebanon on Tuesday in the third night of confrontation between party supporters and demonstrators, which threatens to derail a peaceful protest movement.  The most symbolic […]

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